Many people are unclear about why they need to restore their good credit rating. There are obvious reasons, such as being unable to borrow due to bad credit. However, repairing your credit history is about a lot more than simply borrowing.

Restoring a good credit rating is essential for those individuals who are negatively impacted by a poor credit history. The most important thing to understand is that having bad credit costs you. It costs you a lot of money.

Improving credit can save an individual thousands and thousands of dollars. Every item you buy, whether it be a car, house or new outfit, costs you more when you have bad credit.

Do you need to repair your credit? Are you unsure about what your personal credit report says?

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Managing debt and working your way out of debt is much, much more difficult for those with bad credit. Restoring your credit rating can help. It can help you get yourself out of debt, and stay out of debt.

Do you even know if you need to fix your credit? Do you know what your credit history looks like? Do you know if your credit information is correct? The odds are that you don’t, and it may be costing you a lot of money – without you even knowing it.

Fowler and Fowler Credit and Debt Solutions, Inc. wants everyone to understand some important facts about credit, credit scores, and credit repair services.

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There are three major national credit reporting agencies. They are often referred to as CRAs. Most people don’t know that these agencies are not government agencies. They have nothing to do with repairing credit. Indeed, restoring good credit is exactly what they are NOT about.

These agencies are multi million dollar, for profit credit corporations. They have no interest in your positive credit history, and instead gather and sell your personal, private (or not so private!) credit information. They sell this information to creditors, landlords, insurers, employers, and many other companies that in turn solicit you for insurance, credit, and other offers. This is how they make their money.

These agencies do not work for you. They work for your creditors. The more credit checks that are done, the more money they make. Is fixing your credit in their best interests? Absolutely not.

Your personal credit history details are also sold to telemarketing companies and mailing lists. They do not require your permission, and often sell your information without your knowledge. These agencies acknowledge that errors do occur on consumer credit reports. They are under no obligation to correct them, unless you ask them to – and prove that they should. This is only one reason why fixing your credit history can be so very important.

Non profit credit counseling services are, in effect, “sponsored” by lending companies and major banks. They are, essentially, working for their sponsors – not for you.

Fowler and Fowler’s credit repair services work for YOU! Our business is helping you to restore your positive credit rating, and it is YOU that we work for. We all work for those who pay our bills. They work for your creditors – we work for YOU.

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If the goal of the credit reporting agencies was to ensure accuracy of information, and maintain your credit standing, they would send you a copy of your credit report every year validating their information. They don’t. Instead, they can report what they want – forget to update their records – show no concern for the accuracy of their information – and your credit history pays the price.

It is up to you to ensure the accuracy of your information, and to prove that their mistakes are mistakes.

The choice is yours to make. Our repair services have helped hundreds of people regain control of their credit status, and we welcome the opportunity to help you!

Fowler and Fowler Credit and Debt Solutions, Inc. believes that our innovative credit program, Credit Smart, and our state-of-the art Repair services provide the answer to all your credit problems!

Credit Repair Services

Repair your Bad Credit Online

Credit repair services provided by Fowler and Fowler employ the latest credit repair laws, Acts and rules governing the credit reporting agencies. These are the agencies that impact your credit report. Effective credit repair demands the most extensive and comprehensive understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act.

Our cutting edge credit repair services use the latest in computer and search technologies, as well as qualified paralegals with years of experience in the field, to help all of our customers effectively repair their bad credit.

We guarantee that our credit repair services are the most comprehensive and complete credit restoration services available today!

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Our credit repair techniques rely on our in-depth knowledge of the laws and rules that govern credit reporting agencies, our many years of experience in the credit services area, and time proven letters, forms and Lawful notices. We have proven time and again that our services can remove inaccurate, negative, incomplete and unverifiable information from consumer’s credit reports.

Our credit repair services can lead to the removal of information about bankruptcies, charge offs, repos, judgments, tax liens, student loans, foreclosures and slow pays. Those who think that this sounds too good to be true have not employed the services of Fowler and Fowler, and are likely misinformed about the rules that restrict the reporting of various items. Our credit services have a proven record of success in helping people eliminate these and other problems that lead to credit problems of all kinds.

Fowler and Fowler’s credit services have helped individuals to qualify for new car loans, new mortgages, adopt a new baby, and meet their personal and family’s credit needs.

Our excellence in the repair services field is proven. We work nationally with such clients as: Trans Land Financial, FL; Fidelity Federal, GA; Davidson Financial Services, IN; All American Homes, FL; Bounce Back Foundation, MI; and many others. Our expert credit services restores their client’s credit.

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