Sometimes when a city speaks to you, you have to listen. And lately, when it comes to fashion, I feel like Barney Stinson’s motto of “new is always better” isn’t really what Cape Town’s been saying to me. Sometimes old is good. Sometimes something so old that it’s not even yours is better.

I usually get upset when people talk about all these great vintage market finds they have, meanwhile when I go thrifting, dololo, but I’ve come to realise that vintage/thrift shopping, like most things, is about patience, a good eye and location location location. At the right places, you can find great pieces without the gentrified price tag.

And that’s how I got myself this vintage jacket that I’m wearing – one September evening, my friends and I went to a night market and I found it, just knowing it was the one. It made me feel like I was at my peak cool-kid.

So to pass on some blessings if your Cape Town friends haven’t already invited you to these events on Facebook (and you don’t have the time to leisurely walk through Mowbray), here are three markets to check out:

    The Vintage Experience: Formerly a weekly night market at the German Club in town, their next big event is The Vintage Shopping Expo on the 9th of April. You can get more details here. This is where I got my jacket from!

    Pigments Monthly Market: Recently started by the ultimate blogger babe Siki Msuseni, this is a monthly vintage market that happens on the last Sunday of the month at the Beijing Opera on 7 Rose Street in Cape Town from 12pm-5pm.

    The Upmarket Market: Happening at Side Street Studios in Woodstock on the 2nd of April at 10am, here’s a fashion, jewellery and craft market filled with both vintage and artisan goods. Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

Shoutout to those lovely images by Sibu Mpanza once again! We definitely got the money shot.

Have a great upcoming week 🙂

beauty | L.A. girl obsession – fashion rebulic

efinitely one of the perks of living at home and having a mother and two sisters was that I didn’t really have to buy my own make up. There was always someone I could steal borrow from to make sure that I had a variety of expensive make up to play with. But now that I’m a big girl, out on my own in varsity, I have to do big girl things like buying products for myself.

That being said, my student budget doesn’t really permit me to be the MAC fanatic I thought I was before, so I had to take to Dischem and Clicks to find new brands that are good and within my own budget. Dischem in particular is where I found my newest obsession (courtesy of my sister who recommended their products to me), L.A. Girl Cosmetics (special shoutout to the beauty fair that just ended!).

They make eyeshadow and blush palettes, liquid foundation and press powders, concealers, eyeliners, lipsticks, liquid matte lipsticks (they were the first brand I saw that had it, to be honest!) – you name it, and they’re reasonably priced too. The eyeshadow palette set me back only R89.99, and the lipstick cost me about R60.00. The concealers are really cheap (R30.00) and are perfect for contouring, which I can finally do because I have a darker concealer!

I loved their eyeshadow palettes so much I bought another one the other day – but the only problem I found is that they weren’t very pigmented (especially for my skin tone) – even with a primer for my eyelids. I lowkey had to dig in the eyeshadow to get enough colour to stick and show on my eyelids, but I wasn’t too upset because it does the job and for R90.00, you get what you paid for. I usually wear a gold/bronze palette so this was me being a bit adventurous with colour and I don’t think it looks too bad.

I really love their matte lipstick! As you can see from my blog posts and Instagram, I sort of have a signature colour, mostly because I keep accidentally buying the same shade of lipstick from different brands (Diva from MAC, Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild and now Runway from L.A. Girl – they’re basically identical) and I’ve found the L.A. Girl one to be my favourite. The MAC one I find a bit too dry on my lips and the Wet n Wild one is amazing because it retains its colour, but terrible because it literally never comes off, lol. The L.A. Girl is a goodie because it moisturises your lips while still keeping a strong pigment and not wearing off quickly.

In other non-L.A. Girl make up news, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me rave about fake eyelashes and the brand Eylure. I love their Volume range because they’re subtle but still effective, and my dance/gymnastics background has made me a somewhat pro at putting them on for myself. They’re great quality for R55.00-R60.00 at Clicks and if you take them off carefully, you can reuse them about three (maybe even more!) times.

I thought I’d just give you a little before and after using those new products below (along with my regular make up products like my MAC liquid foundation in NW50 and concealer in NC50, Essence eyebrow pencil in dark brown, MAC blush in Fever, just a store-brand bronzer and Rimmel Wonder’full mascara). I really am starting to become obsessed with make up so its something you’ll see more of on the blog! Let me know if you like it or if there’s anything else you’d like to see, too.

fashion | boldly loving yourself – fashion rebulic

Hello friends! Like Bryson Tiller, I’m back and I’m (hopefully) better. Since we last chatted: school is back, JHB is out, CPT is in, stress is also back in, and there was a weave that didn’t get to see this blog at all (oops). I also took my plan about 2016 as written here more seriously – I have a budget that can make the Excel Gods cry, I’ve said “no” a lot, I’ve only missed one lecture (it was Friday at 3pm, give me a break), I’ve written a bit more for some upcoming posts and I’m working with more creatives! Most notably, the amazing Samsung Social Media Star, Sibu Mpanza, who’s been taking lovely pictures of me recently!

But one plan that didn’t really make that post and something I’ve been thinking a lot more about lately is my road to body positivity. Sometimes it shocks people that bloggers can be insecure because, I mean, there’s a whole website just dedicated to me – but truly, my body is one of my biggest insecurities. I’ve always been taller than most and my body didn’t get the memo to subscribe to either the ‘traditional’ female shape or the ‘model’ shape, so I’ve always been somewhere in the middle and it’s something that I’ve been cognisant of my whole life.

Don’t get me wrong – I still have thin privilege, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy with everything, and I think I’m finally coming to a place where I can make peace with what and where my body is at the moment, and it’s truly such a beautiful thing. I’ve given puberty a good seven years and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is most probably it, lol. I won’t have bigger boobs, or wider hips, or a smaller waist, and my shoulders won’t magically narrow and my boep seems to be a constant fixture, so I might as well get used to it, because this body is mine and it really should belong to me.

Obviously these are things that consciously or not, I will always try to fix (I promised myself I’ll join the gym this year), but I don’t want to be killing myself over something that is not meant to be. I am who I am for a reason and I need to start taking pride in that. My body does what it’s supposed to do, and I really should be a whole lot nicer to it. I will not look Amber Rose or Jourdan Dunn or even Kylie Jenner, but I will look like Foyin Ogunrombi and that’s pretty great too.

So this is not some half-assed alter call for every woman to suddenly just love everything about themselves because let’s be real, that won’t happen. But this is a request to cut yourself some slack. Have goals and work towards them, but also enjoy yourself as you are. You don’t have to make yourself look like someone else because it’s trending, but just look like your best you. And that is enough. You are more than enough. You don’t even know how enough you are. Now, to side track and talk about my outfit: I don’t particularly wear colour, but when I do, it’s either denim (blue) or red. I don’t even really like red but red seems to like me, lol. Also a shoutout to my old reliable red tote, that you’ve seen 13907245 times, and will see 454697 more times 🙂 My skirt was made for my mom’s 50th in January and it surprisingly still fits! Those are the woes of tailored clothing.

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