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The rise of ESports gaming has made playing games like FIFA big business, making what once was a hobby into something more professional. This is where gaming gets serious.

Today German game site PlayFront have revealed that the Virtual Bundesliga will be coming to Fifa 16, and will be hitting a “new level” in its fourth season. What makes the Virtual Bundesliga interesting is how close the real German football league actually work with Fifa to make it competitive, but still welcoming to fans.

With FIFA 15, a German football team, Vfl Wolfsburg actually had their own Esports team which was a part of the Virtual Bundesliga. The team included Benedict ‘Salz0r’ Salzer and Daniel ‘Dani’ Fink. It’ll be interesting to see if this team continues on into the new season, and if more will be formed.

There is still a focus on this being about the fans though. I’m sure they enjoy the chance to try their skills against the “professionals.” They may even teach them a thing or two in the process.

The Virtual Bundesliga will begin October 1, 2015 and include 18 clubs that will all be competing to be the Master of Virtual Bundesliga. There is more information about the league here, though be aware that the site is in German and mainly about FIFA 15. There are plenty of stats on the site, which are always easy to translate for Fifa fans.

The build up to the FIFA 16 release is always interesting; especially with all the updates we get on how the game has been improved and what new things are coming to the game. The biggest change this year of course is the inclusion of the National Women’s teams.


The Top 10 Best Under-25 Players in FIFA 16 – express trade capital

Are you looking for a young but powerful player to add to your team? If so, then we have a list of the ten highest rated young players (under the age of 25) for you to choose from.


10. David Alaba – Bayern Munich


Overall Rating: 84

Best attribute: 87 rating in Pace


Alaba is just 23, but has managed to become one of the best in his position in the world. The left back has won almost everything with Bayern Munich. He progressed a lot last year, which is reflected in FIFA 16 as he is rated 84.


9. Christian Eriksen – Tottenham


Overall Rating: 84

Best attribute: 88 rating in Passing


Eriksen is one of the best ball passers in FIFA 16. With 9 assists, he was one of the most influential player in Spurs’ squad last year. The Dane, also aged 23, has a potential of 87, which makes him the best Tottenham player in FIFA 16.


8. Antoine Griezmann – Atlético Madrid


Overall Rating: 84

Best attribute: 87 rating in Pace and Dribbling


Griezmann was one of the finest midfielders in La Liga last season. He scored more than 20 goals and assisted a ton. He has awesome stats in Dribbling and Pace making him suitable for a fast game play.


7. Isco – Real Madrid


Overall Rating: 85

Best attribute: 89 rating in Dribbling


The Real Madrid midfielder was brilliant for the Los Blancos when their top midfielders were out injured. He played an outstanding role to cover up their void that he could possible grab a starting role next season. His performance has also increased his FIFA stats from 83 to 85.


6. Paul Pogba – Juventus


Overall Rating: 86

Best attribute: 89 rating in Physical


Pogba is probably one of few bright midfielders who of which we are sure that they will grow into a great player. His constant improvement each season has seen him become close to among the best in the game. In his FIFA career however, he has almost doubled his stats having started at 47 in FIFA 11.


5. Mario Gotze – Bayern Munich


Overall Rating: 86

Best attribute: 91 rating in Dribbling


Gotze has always been lucky. He scored the last minute World Cup final goal, he moved to Bayern Munich in just the right time to win the treble, and he has an almost constant rating in FIFA series for three years. With 91 rating in Dribbling, the German midfielder is among one of the most expensive in FUT 16.


4. James Rodriguez – Real Madrid


Overall Rating: 87

Best attribute: 86 rating in Passing and Dribbling


After his brilliant World Cup performance, EA sports increased his 85 rating to 88 in FIFA 15. In the latest version he has an 87 rating because he was out injured most of the season. He however has a lot more potential than he had in FIFA 15.


3. Thibaut Courtois – Chelsea


Overall Rating: 87

Best attribute: 90 rating in Reflexes


The Chelsea goal stopper has managed to kick Cech out of the club because of his game changing goalkeeping. He helped his side win the Premier League this season making him one of the best players in the Premier League last season. His FIFA stats has boosted from 84 to 87 with a potential rating of 89.


2. Neymar – Barcelona


Overall Rating: 89

Best attribute: 93 rating in Dribbling


The former Santos’ attacker won the treble with Barcelona this year. He was very influential as he managed to score more than 20 goals. He will be one of the best attackers in FIFA 16 who is going to be sold probably hundreds of thousands of times.


1. Eden Hazard – Chelsea


Overall Rating: 89

Best attribute: 94 rating in Dribbling


Finally, the best young player in FIFA 16 is Eden Hazard. The Chelsea winger was at his absolute best last year for the Blues winning the Premier League and Capital One Cup. His FIFA stats has boosted from 86 to 89 making him one of the best in the game. Because he is young and dynamic, he will likely be the most sold player in FUT 16.


Data about Real Madrid in FIFA after Special Partnership Announced by EA – express trade capital

A great number of data about Real Madrid in FIFA have released after ea sports announced a special partnership with Real Madrid. Click here for details.


Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema, James Rodríguez, Raphaël Varane and Pepe are the most popular trading Real Madrid players.


Real Madrid got about 952 million goals in total, and the most outstanding five players are: Cristiano Ronaldo: 3.2million; Karim Benzema: 2.17million; Gareth Bale: 1.44million; James Rodríguez: 0.7million; Toni Kroos: 0.4million.


There is no doubt that, the most competitive teams is Real Madrid vs Barcelona. They played as competitors for 1.16 million times. The second is Real Madrid vs Bayern, 6700 million times.


By George