Just fill out the brief form below, activate your account, and your own completely indexed and searchable ClickBank MarketPlace Storefront will instantly be live. Completely FREE! Instant Setup!

You can sell every ClickBank product

Your ClickBank Affiliate Storefront includes every product in the ClickBank Marketplace!

Completely indexed and searchable

Your ClickBank Affiliate Storefront includes a complete up-to-date catalog index and a built-in product search engine.

Customize the look of your store

Choose from over a dozen templates and add your own store name and tagline.


No visible affiliate links!

Your affiliate product links are invisible to users. That means you can…

Place links to your storefront anywhere

Many directories and other websites will not accept affiliate links. Since your affiliate code is not visible anywhere in the URLs to your store, you can submit links to your store, product categories, and even individual products, to many of these free listing sites.

Your affiliate link is protected

Since users never see your affiliate link, they can’t strip out your referral code. Stop link hijackers dead in their tracks!


Thousands of web-based businesses sell products and services through ClickBank affiliates. Now you can join ClickBank’s top earners. No investment is required. Just sign up below and you can activate your fully indexed and completely searchable ClickBank storefront instantly. We provide you with your own website, we host your site, and we update your ClickBank MarketPlace on a daily basis. In return, some of the clickthroughs will go to our ClickBank affiliate account. The split is determined by a sliding scale. The more unique user clickthroughs you have, the higher the percentage that goes directly to your affiliate account. Sure, you’re splitting some clicks with us, but all of your clicks are free!

What makes this a great deal?

CB Dealer is completely free. You get a website, and you don’t need to worry about design, development, content, or hosting. We give you everything you need. Even if you already have a website or other methods to promote your ClickBank Affiliate sales, CB Dealer gives you another avenue to promote ClickBank products. You’re sharing some of your traffic with us, but it’s free traffic you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Plus, the cloaked affiliate links mean you can place links in places that you couldn’t before. This is the best kind of deal there is- a win/win for everybody!

All you need is a ClickBank affiliate account

If you don’t already have a ClickBank affiliate account, just click here to set one up. It’s easy and it’s free. Once you sign up, you’ll earn commisions on the thousands of products in your ClickBank MarketPlace Affiliate Storefront.


The only condition to getting a free storefront is that you are forbidden to promote it by spamming. Since this is so important to us, we’ll repeat it: You may not promote your CB Deals storefront by spamming. If we catch you promoting your site by spamming (and we will catch you if you try it!), your storefront will be immediately deactivated and you will be permanently banned from CB Dealer.


We guarantee that our technology will deliver between 50% and 80% of the clicks from your storefront with your ClickBank affiliate code, depending on your total unique clickthroughs. However, since we have no way of knowing which clicks will produce sales, and since commission amounts vary from product to product, we can’t guarantee that you will get exactly that percentage of the commisions generated. Over time, and a sufficient number of clicks, it should work out to approximately the correct split, but you may get slightly more or less than the exact percentage of the total commisions generated by your storefront.

ClickBank Ad Builder

Why settle for pennies from Google Adsense ads when you can put contextual advertising on your page that pays real commissions? By placing a small piece of code on your webpage, you can display ads for the highest-converting, top-selling ClickBank products that are related to your page.

Online wizard builds your ad code

Just go through the easy-to-use wizard to generate code to display a block of ads. Copy the code and paste it into your page. It’s just that easy!

Ads are keyword-based

Enter keywords when you fill out the wizard, or let our ad server pull products based on the keywords in your web page.

Advertise ClickBank’s top-selling products

Our software finds products that match your keywords, and pulls ads for the very best selling products from those matches.

Product database is updated daily

Our product database is updated daily, so you always have the best new products, and never waste space advertising dropped products.

Customize ad blocks to match your site

Our wizard let’s you fully customize the colors of your ad block to match your page. You decide how many ads you want to include in a block.

ClickBank Ad Builder is FREE!

That’s right! You can create as many ads as you want, and put them on as many pages as you want, absolutely free! One ad in your block will be for CBDealer. The rest will be for high-converting ClickBank products. Just register using the form below and within minutes you can be creating revenue generating ads for your site.

ClickBank Calculators

ClickBank Affiliate Calculator

Calculate ClickBank commissions based on retail price

Advanced ClickBank Vendor Calculator

Given two parameters, this calculator will return sales information for any ClickBank transaction. Use it to set prices, calculate commissions, etc.
Ex.1: You have a product that you would like to net $25 on, and you want affiliates to get $20 per sale. To determine the necessary price and commission, select Vendor Net and enter 25, select Affiliate Net and enter 20, then calculate. The calculator will show that you need a price of $49.73 with the commission at approximately 44%.
Ex. 2: Your product price is $39.95 and you want to clear $19 per sale. What should the commission be? Select Price and enter 39.95, select Vendor Net and enter 19, then calculate. The calculator will show that you can set the commission at 47%.
Note: This calculator is subject to slight rounding errors on some calculations