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TSMC announced that it had been accepted as the exclusive foundry of Oracle T4 processor; T4 electronic components process would adopt 40 nm technology and it is expected that T4 will be put into mass production before the end of this year. Before acquired by Oracle, Sun had already launched its SPARC T3 processor, codenamed as RainbowFalls, with TI as its exclusive foundry. In the year of 2007, TI declared to stop developing technologies below 45nm, turned to work with wafer foundry. Then, Sun passed its SPARC process production to TSMC and Fujitsu.


After acquired Sun, for high-end server and supercomputer operating system, integrated SPARC processors hardware with software, Oracle releases its SPARC T4 processor with the codename as YosemiteFalls. By adopting Oracle’s newly developed “S3” core, T4 processors will be equipped with the order execution technology, operating at frequencies above 3GHz with about 855 million integrated transistors. Additionally, its integer Pipeline can reach 16 level, which is as five times as T3 processor’s integer operating performance, and seven times of floating point’s performance.


In the recent years, relying on its strong R & D capabilities, TSMC has got orders from X86 architecture processor of AMD’s Ontario and Zacate, VIANano dual-core X86 architecture processor and ARM architecture processor which is now widely used in smartphones, tablet PCs. TSMC is the real threat to Intel now.


With the growing popularity of cloud computing, the demands of high-end servers and supercomputers increase rapidly. Oracle expresses that in the next year, it will continue to introduce two new SPARC-based processors. The four core Yellowstone Falls processor will be released in 2012, while 16 core Cascade Falls processor will launch at the end of 2012. Both these two super-processors computing speed will exceed 3GHZ, adopting 28 nm process technologies. It is expected that TSMC will be the exclusive foundry for both these two processors.


Key Features of the T-Series Roadmap


As announced and discussed at Oracle OpenWorld in September, 2010, Oracle has been open about the basics of the SPARC roadmap for T-series processors. Although the exact details about the launches and the technical timeline are still not known, the overall plan has been described at Oracle OpenWorld as follows:


  • T3-3 was introduced in fall, 2010, with 16 cores and 128 threads. • The T3 series replaced the SPARC T2, which was introduced in 2007 with 8 cores and 64 threads


  • T3-3 servers were introduced in the T3-1B blade; T3-1 rack optimized server (2 RU) and the T3-2 rack optimized server (3RU) products in 2010


  • T4-based servers are expected to be announced in fall, 2011, with server form-factors from 1 to 4 sockets; volume shipments are expected in 2012. A major release of the Oracle Solaris operating system, Solaris 11, is expected to ship at the same time, although beta versions and Solaris Express versions have been available to developers and Oracle partners since late 2010


. • Another T-Series server product refresh is expected to take place in 2013 – two years following the initial T4 announcement this fall, and it will be coincident with another update of Solaris 11.


  • Oracle expects to work with Fujitsu to have updates to the Fujitsu-designed SPARC64 VII+ processors for the M-Series servers with announcements in 2012 and 2014, as indicated in the roadmaps shown at Oracle OpenWorld 2010, which have been published to the Internet. Both the Oracle T processors and Fujitsu SPARC64 processors are designed to the same “V9 architecture” so that they run the same applications.


Overturn The Traditional Audio Enjoyment Not Only A Headset But Also A Sound Equipment – equipto electronics

Overturn The Traditional Audio Enjoyment Not Only A Headset But Also A Sound Equipment


In recent years, with the laptop, PMP’s continued popularity, the improvement of people’s entertainment needs, headsets, speakers, subwoofer, for ordinary consumers, the three appears to be three completely different products, they were faced with different consumer groups, to meet their different consumption patterns. Today, a well-known peripheral manufacturer ShuangFeiYan has a new product on the network exposure, perhaps you have already had seen reports about this product, yes, this is ShuangFeiYan whom applied for a patent ( Patent No.: ZL 200820200627.1) multi-function PC audio peripheral products: ShuangFeiYan TianChan “trio” HSB-100U, a combination of the three products, one refreshing, relaxing feeling.


ShuangFeiYan in the past has always been the basis of computer hardware peripherals known in the country, the domestic environment and the unique network of cafe culture created ShuangFeiYan rapid rise of the national brands. Mouse and keyboard in the traditional areas of the great achievements obtained on the basis of ShuangFeiYan has launched the days away, X7 series, the user has won praise. Today ShuangFeiYan involved in the audio industry, day-sim “3 quartet” come out, so that we know ShuangFeiYan strong R & D capabilities at the same time, and audio products on the day Chan series had a strong interest.


“Trio” is the headset + speakers + subwoofer three functions in one product, to maximize the buying capacity of the economy and resources. It is also worth mentioning that, the day-sim “trio” on the headphones sound unit to take special treatment, it can guarantee the high-power headphone output state to guarantee the unit will not be damaged. Also through the USB-powered design that allows the input power of 5MW, to ensure that products in putting, there is a large enough volume.


We usually listen to headphones or speakers, in the case of large input power, detail and dynamic performance of the performance there will be no small improvement, ShuangFeiYan TianChan of this design, but also for voice provide a good protection.


ShuangFeiYan TianChan “trio” HSB-100U headset different from ordinary headphones, it can withstand internal uses a large 40mm voice-power unit. The sound unit, compared to ordinary headphones  the difference is, It can be wearing, when the headphones (buy headphones) to listen to ordinary use, but also to “putting” a great deal of pressure, when the “speaker” to use. At the same time, with an external “subwoofer”, TianChan “trio” will be able to ordinary headphones (wholesale bluetooth headsets) transformed into a small notebook speaker system, creative is very good.


Day Sim “trio” Inheritance and the essence of ShuangFeiYan continues to show ShuangFeiYan sense of innovation and strength, excellent technology, imaginative, headsets • Speakers • subwoofer triple, eagerly looking forward to the TianChan “trio “bring us more excitement .