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The majority of individuals are unaware of the extent to which a bad credit history affects their ability to borrow. It is not unusual for us to hear comments like “my credit rating couldn’t be too bad – the bank has loaned me money”.  What people don’t always ask is – at what cost? A damaged or bad credit rating means that you will pay a lot more for the things that you buy and the money that you borrow – much more! 

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The examples illustrated below will demonstrate just how severe the added costs resulting from bad credit are.
Example 1:  Automobile Financing

Those individuals with bad credit who are making payments on a typical automobile loan are likely paying between $5 – $9,000 more in interest. They are paying this solely because they had ‘bad credit’ when taking out the loan. See the chart below.
$20,000 automobile paid over 5 years:

Credit StatusRatePaymentCost of Bad Credit
  Perfect10%$424.94  $0.00
Mild Damage14%$465.37  $4,722.54
  Damaged20%$529.88  $8,593.30

Example 2:  Mortgage on a Home

Bad credit in auto financing can severely impact what that car costs, however, it pales in comparison to what bad credit will cost you when a home is involved. An average home can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $130,000 more in mortgage interest for those purchasing the home with ‘bad credit’. See the chart below. 

$100,000 home paid over 30 years:

Credit StatusRatePaymentCost of Bad Credit
  Perfect7%$655.30  $0.00
Mild Damage9%$804.62  $50,155.24
  Damaged12%$1.028.61  $130,791.63

These two examples clearly show, in dollar terms, the cost of having ‘bad credit’. The bottom line – bad credit always costs you!  This rule does not only apply to automobiles and homes – it applies to absolutely everything you buy and every dollar you borrow. An individual with bad credit will pay more every time.

Why should you repair bad credit? You should repair bad credit immediately and save yourself thousands of dollars in your future!

Fees – Credit Repair Costs


Our fees for credit repair services are outlined below.

Individual Credit Repair:

Fee Option #1: $149.00 down payment, with 5 following payments of $99.00 over the course of the following 5 months.

Couples Credit Repair:

Fee Option 1: $199.00 down payment, with 5 following payments of $159.00 over the course of the following 5 months.

Do you only have one or two problem items?

At Fowler and Fowler, we make special fee arrangements for reduced costs of credit repair services if there are only one or two negative items that you need addressed on your credit reports.

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The Credit Smart Counseling Program

Signing up for the Credit Smart Counseling Program means that you are immediately enrolled in to receive our credit repair services. If you already have possession of all 3 of your credit reports, please mail them to our offices immediately. If you do not already have copies of all 3 credit reports, please request them from the CRAs immediately. You can access addresses and telephone numbers for the CRAs and order your reports here. Being a client of Fowler and Fowler Credit Repair Services means that you can anticipate positive changes on your reports in 60 to 90 days. You can enroll in our Credit Smart Counseling Program on-line, right now!

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Click here for a FREE online evaluation – No obligation, no cost!

You can save many hundreds, and even many thousands, of dollars in unfair interest charges by engaging the services of Fowler and Fowler to repair your credit today!!!

With Fowler and Fowler, private citizens can save a great deal of money instead of paying an expensive legal firm to do the work for you. We are certified Paralegals (these are the people who complete the actual work in the majority of law firms!), so you can have confidence and trust in our training, ability and knowledge. We urge all individuals to beware of those legal firms advertising credit repair services online. Many of these firms charge significant set up and monthly fees, and demand a signed contract for a year or more. Phone calls to their offices often cost an individual $50 an hour! Beware as well of hidden ‘attorney’ costs! Many consumers have been stung by these firms and come to us after having paid hundreds and thousands in fees over periods ranging from 1-2 years – and having seen few, if any, positive changes in their credit reports.

Credit repair costs can be truly reasonable when considering the price of bad credit. The savings enjoyed by those with good credit greatly offset credit repair fees.

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