The Sing Holdings developer has not launched the North Gaia pricing yet. The North Gaia launch price will be on 30th and 31st March. It is two days before the booking day. However, you can contact the sales department from the official website regarding any inquiries about the pricing. They will update you regarding an estimated price of the property since the actual price launch on 30th and 31st March.

 The Initiate Value of the Property 

The location of the North Gaia executive condominium is in Yushin. Yushin is close to the source of creative arts, designs, ideas, and technology is known as the North Coast Innovation Corridor. This source of creativity and technology is part of Singapore’s grand planning for the future. The land in Yushin for the North Gaia executive condominium is exclusive due to its strategic location.

Seven bidders joined the auction for this land. They got attracted to purchase this land for prospects. Sing Holdings Limited won the bidding and owns the land in Yushin. Sing Holdings win the bidding in 373,500,000 Singapore Dollars for the tender price. The site area of the land is 21,514 square meters and 60,239 square meters of site gross floor area (GFA). It makes Sing Holdings win the North Gaia at $576 per square foot (PSF) per plot ratio (PPR) land price.

The Value and Estimated Price of North Gaia Executive Condominium

The Estimated Price of the Property 

After adding some fees such as marketing fee, financing, development, regulating, and any related costs, the Yushin site of North Gaia residence has estimated breakeven approximately $1050 PSF. Thus, we can estimate that the North Gaia launch price will be above $1,100 psf.

You can allocate your budget after knowing the estimated launch price. There might be a difference in the estimated price since it is not official. Thus, you can add slightly more budget to your estimation for precaution. This amount of money surely seems high. However, the property value will increase throughout the year especially when there is massive economic and infrastructure development near the location of the property.

Guidelines on Purchasing the North Gaia EC

There are several requirements that you have to fulfill to purchase the residence. You must understand the requirements and ensure that you fulfill the requirements before the showflat. This way, you will not have any obstacles in purchasing your residence. The basic requirements include that you must be a Singapore citizen and be at least 21 years old. You must provide detailed information regarding your family nucleus, income, and other related contracts and agreements. You can find the details of the requirements on the North Gaia official website.

You can also find a calculator feature on the official website to help you count the estimated loan, stamp duty fee, monthly installment, and so on. This feature will help you calculate your budget and future expenses. You will be able to know whether you will be struggling to pay for the residential unit or to benefit from investing in it from the calculating features. You can also find the timeline and the payment scheme on the official website. This guideline will help you to portray the next steps you can take to own the North Gaia executive condominium.

By Mona