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Our dear deputies adopted in October 2009 the bill concerning the opening of the online gaming market in France, after having taken the head for months to know how to make a maximum of money on the backs of the players, and this despite the warnings of the European Commission. The project was subject to a ballot that garnered 302 votes in favor and 206 against. The majority of UMP MPs voted for course, while the left disapproved of the project. This law will apply only to sports betting and poker and the effective opening of the market should take place no later than June 2010, during the FIFA World Cup.


So much for the main lines. Now, let’s take a closer look at what this means for gamers, or in other words, why we are ruled by morons:


  • Players will be forced to play on an online poker room that has obtained a license from the French authorities. To be able to practice their business legally, operators of poker sites will therefore have to apply for a license from the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (Arjel). To put it simply, they will have to pay a heavy tax to the French state.
  • The state will take 2% from each pot to a maximum of € 1, which will be added to the commission (the rake) already taken by the online poker room. Suffice to say that rakeback sites will be an obligatory passage to limit the damage.
  • Beware, what follows is truly a powerful demonstration of our government’s alarming level of bullshit. The law states that “only circle games between players are allowed playing through licensed operator sites”, which means that French players will be able to play only among themselves, like Italian players. Goodbye international tournaments, FTOPS, the Sunday Million, and so on. This is what I call a “beautiful spirit of openness”, especially in European times.
  • Online poker rooms wishing to obtain a license from Arjel will be forced to close the existing accounts of French players already registered, while Arjel takes care of the paperwork and assigns the license, which for an administration may last for months. During this “case processing” period, French players will not have access to the room in question.


In short, here is a law ratified by idiots who take the players for idiots, and which absolutely goes against everything that Europe is supposed to represent. Most online poker room operators have already expressed their dissatisfaction, believing that this law prevents free competition in the markets and will help strengthen the dominant position of Française des Jeux and Pari Mutuel Urbain, big cash cows of the French state. Finally, it is not surprising coming from a government which passed the retrograde Hadopi law.

What to do ?


As French players, we cannot tolerate this foul law, and I therefore invite you to sign the petition proposed by the Poker Liberté site. What if it doesn’t work? Two solutions: either go out or resist. I know in every grinder there is a mighty Jack Sparrow slumber so speak up, pull out the swords and sink the ship. The fight has only just begun …


Market opening in France: A victory for the players – goldbelt wolf


Finally good news for the players! Next step: Send Joanna Krupa and Marta Krupa to “woo” senators to stop the state levying taxes on every pot played.


Hey, hey grinders, it’s been a while, huh? I know my fans get angry when long weeks go by without me posting on this blog, but between my crazy evenings at the online gambling industry conference in London last week and my drug and drug abuse. alcohol, I have trouble opening my laptop without stacking it on top of it. Even recently, the author of the only hangover blog I can read, I named Xewod, complained about the low frequency of my writing and was courted by vulgar cowards who try to emulate the immense talent of my delirious pen and my taste for beautiful girls who make Casino France the most hated and adored online gaming blog in the world. Wait, I catch my breath (divine). Often imitated, never equaled ! But in short, let’s move on to the big news of the day, which concerns the morbid opening of the online gaming market in France.


The Senate finally seems to have had a flash of clarity and has decided that online poker rooms that apply for a license from Arjel will not have to close the accounts of French players during the process of obtaining the French license. Remember that this measure forced operators to close all accounts of French players before being able to actually receive their shitty license and be authorized to be plucked exercising in France.


It was François Trucy who was the bearer of this excellent news last Friday, but let’s not get carried away because the Senate is still examining the bill and contemplating the bribes that the FDJ and the PMU could pass on to them. under the table. Anyway, I met an operator of a large online casino in London who assured me that the actual opening would not take place during the FIFA World Cup in June and that the sword of Damocles would rather fall towards the end of the year. Maybe a little more breathing space before the Apocalypse hits us and we have to pack our bags to go grinding elsewhere than in our sweet but fucking France nonetheless.


See you soon for the rest of these misadventures, my faithful grinders. And fuck ARJEL!


PartyGaming and Bwin merge to reign supreme – goldbelt wolf


The announcement of the merger between PartyGaming and Bwin caused a bombshell in the online gambling industry. The image above illustrates this.


As the online gambling market has opened up to competition in France and in the United States things are finally starting to move in the right direction regarding the legalization of gambling, PartyGaming and its biggest rival , the Austrian company Bwin, have officially announced their merger. The new company (Pwin?) Will be formed during the first half of 2011 and will be listed on the stock exchange, with an estimated value of fucking 3.3 billion dollars. Bwin would have 51.6% of shares against 48.4% for PartyGaming in this new company which will become the largest online gaming company in the world.


Rumors of this merger had been circulating since the start of the year, when PartyGaming founder Anurag Dikshit (yes, you read that right, Anurag DICK-SHIT or cock shit in French), sold all of his PartyGaming shares for 140 millions of euros.


The implications of this merger for online poker are not yet clear. However, I hope that Party Poker does not join the Ongame network which uses shitty unconvincing software. On the other hand, one cannot help but think of the withdrawal of Party Poker from the United States as well as the huge fine paid to the United States government which would ensure a huge comeback if online poker were legalized there. Unlike PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, which defied the ban and continued to accept players from the United States, Party Poker had decided to show its paws and withdraw from the market. If PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker come under the wrath of the US government when online poker becomes legal, PartyGaming-Bwin would become absolute market masters in the land of giant burgers. Pwin for the win?

By George