What Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer did for Manchester United

The Norwegian has no trophies yet at Old Trafford, but the club is still breathing much easier than when Jose Mourinho was in charge.

Then the team played boring defensive football, which the fans did not like. With the ex-striker of the team at the helm, the pace was inflated, and the players seemed to have found a second wind.

Let’s see what else has changed after the appearance of Solskjaer.

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Manchester United is revived by the coach’s ability to work with people

With Jose Mourinho, the chemistry within the team was very bad. As usual, the Portuguese constantly quarreled with his charges, and when everything went badly, he constantly blamed them for all the troubles. Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and Shaw have listened to a lot of criticism in their address, very often undeserved. The team had no leaders and was a mess.

Apparently, Solskjaer knows how to work with people, and in many ways imitates Sir Alex Ferguson. Whenever a player needs to be praised, he will happily do it.

Better protection

In the 2019/20 season, United were thinking about how to improve their defense. Solskjaer invited suitable players to the club and put out the fire. Result: 3rd best in the league. Maguire and Lindelof are not a perfect defencist pair, but they were not a miss either.

The defenders surrendered this season, but still performed better than in 2019/20. It’s hard to deny how important Maguire has become to the team.

Clear play style

Manchester United play straight forward attacking football – any fan who still dreams of the exploits of Sir Alex’s Devils will tell you. But after the arrival of Moyes, van Gaal and Mourinho, everything fell apart, and the team began to play sluggishly and dejectedly.

Everything changed with the arrival of Ole, who only did what he kept saying “everything is like Fergie’s, everything is like Fergie’s.” Indeed, the legacy of his grandfather is now held in high esteem, and recently even Marcelo Bielsa praised the work of a colleague.

What Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer did for Manchester United

Good transfers

With the arrival of Solskjaer, United finally began to make adequate reinforcements. Harry Maguire, Aaron One-Bissaka, Daniel James – they all showed their best side. And what is only worth Bruno Fernandes – one of the best purchases in the modern history of the Premier League.

Even the seemingly “failed” purchases justified themselves: Odian Ighalo turned out to be a worthy replacement for Martial, and Alex Telles dramatically made Shaw progress. And how many critics have laughed at Edinson Cavani – where are they now?

Perhaps, you can really criticize only Donnie van de Beck, who seemed to be worth a little, but did not show anything at all.